The adslo, also known as the adjustable slope, is a device that helps people with limited mobility walk up and down stairs. It is a metal frame that is attached to the stairs and the person’s handrail, and it has a padded cushion that rests against the person’s back. The adslo is adjustable, so it can be raised or lowered to fit the person’s height.

The adslo was created by two physical therapists, Jean-Pierre and Monique Leroux, after they saw their mother struggle to walk up and down the stairs. They designed the adslo to be adjustable so that it could fit people of all heights, and they also added a padded cushion to make it more comfortable.

The Lerouxs founded the company Leroux Sport Inc. to manufacture and sell the adslo, and they have since helped thousands of people walk up and down the stairs with ease. The adslo is available in a variety of colors and styles, and it can be attached to most handrails.

The adslo is a great option for people who have difficulty walking up and down stairs. It is easy to use and adjustable to fit people of all heights, and it provides a safe and comfortable way to walk up and down stairs.

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